Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to find out if it is a Registered Migration Agent in Australia?


2. What a Registered Migration Agent can do for you?


3. What is the Code of Conduct of Registered Migration Agents?

4. What is the difference between Education Agent and Registered Migration Agent?

  • By Law, Education Agents are not not allowed to provide immigration advice or assistance to any clients for Australian visa; while in Australia only registered as Migration Agents with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority can provide immigration assistance (refer to MIA and MARA website).


  •  In addition, there are exemption which include, close family member of the applicant, the applicant’s sponsor or nominator, member of a parliament or their staff; and an official whose duties include providing immigration assistance.


5. When can I get the requirements checklist?

  •  Requirements checklist will be provided after the signing of Contract and provided 50% down payment of RMA’s Professional Fee.


6. What to do when you want to inquire of a certain visa?

  • Click Inquire icon at each visa types under the Services in Home page.

  • Your email will be responded within 24 hours with advice from the RMA/Registered Migration Agent


7. Am I allowed to apply a visa to Australia even I am not in my home country (for instance, you are working abroad)?

  • Yes you are allowed. However, please note that there are visa’s that will require applicants to be either inside or outside of Australia (including not on your home country).


8. Is the Professional Fee of the Registered Migration Agent refundable?

  • No, as it will be reflected on the signed Contract (or known as Cost Agreement).


9. Can I work in Australia under the Tourist Visa?

  • No, Tourist visa have conditions. One of the visa conditions is the No WORK condition.


10. What is GTE/Genuine Temporary Entry requirement for student visa?

  • GTE requirement refers to evidence that must show the student visa applicant is coming to Australia temporarily to study or to look after a person who is studying.


11. What are the states of Australia? (Click the map for more detailed vicinity)